This castle…

… belonged to the illustrious and refined Mr. Tapia. He built it using the original stones of an old headquarter of 12th century know as “King’s Headquarter” , this legendary building had a coat of arms which had six birds with a bread piece in their mouth.

After an arduous research about this coat of arms we have known that…
Don Esteban de Tapia, a Trujillian reporter from 17th century, wrote on those dates that on the second third of 13th century a knight of Solar de Pancorbo had adopted that coat of arms.

The six ravens keeping a piece of bread in their mouth make reminiscence to the history of the castle of Pancorbo: Once it was surrounded by the Muslim Army, and food supplies were not enough to face up the siege, suddenly a flock of black ravens appeared in the sky bringing slabs of bread and dropping them into the fortress helping its occupants to finally win the battle.

That is the reason because this ravine is known by the name of Pancorbo, from the junction of “Pan del Corvo” = raven’s bread. That coat of arms can be prized at different places of the castle: at the entrance door, at the entrance gardens, and at the coat of the lounge chimney.

Once the Tapias have died this castle has passed to the hands of this modest hotelier from Laguardia who even having no cradle intends to show with his best courtesy to make your stay grateful and peaceful.
Receive my sincere welcome to this, yours another home.

Javier Acillona


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