We cannot finish this tour in Laguardia without mention the wineries of the village, they spread out like arteries around the underground of Laguardia.
Their main function is to save and conserve the wine in the perfect conditions, the result is well known : to get a wine wich is famous all around the world.
That is why is important to have a guide tour in one of this wineries, where you can taste not only Rioja wines, also the tradicional gastronomy of the region, famous because the quality of the meat and the fresh vegetables and beans.


Bodegas Recomendadas:

  • Marqués del Riscal

    Marques de Riscal (Elciego)

    Architect: Frank Gehry.
    Even if there are a loto f wine temples in Spain, the most popular during the last years has been the famous City of the Wine, designed by the famous canadien architect Frank Gehry..

    Visites : From Monday to Sunday
    Telephone: 945 180 888
    Price: 10 € (2 wine tasting included)

  • Ysios

    Bodegas Ysios (Laguardia)

    Architect: Santiago Calatrava
    The escultoric conception of Ysios winery, a building from the famous valencian architect Santiago Calatrava, manage to fit in the landscape sorrounded by the Cantabrian Range.

    Visite : From Monday to Sunday
    Telephone: 945 600 640
    Price: 7 € (2 wine tasting included )

  • Viña Real

    Viña Real (Laguardia)

    An enormous washtub on a hill, La Mesa hill. Concrete, wood and stainless steel. Noblety and modernidy. We are in the winery Viña Real. It’s impressive architecture, due to the french archiquitec Philippe Mazieres, will shock you in a very good way.

    Visite : From Monday to Sunday
    Telephone: 941 304 809
    Price: 8 € (2 wine tasting + tapa included)

  • Dinastía Vivanco

    Museo del Vino Dinastia Vivanco (Briones)

    The Culture of Wine Museum, from Dinastia Vivanco Fundation, offers the chance to have a walk along the history and culture of the wine. A beverage linked with mithology and religion, a beverage with an strong social character and wich elaboration needs , as well in the field as in the winery, of works that keep the essence of traditional labours.

    Visites : From Tuesday to Sunday
    Telephone: 941 322 323
    Price: 7 € per person.

  • Baigorri

    Baigorri (Samaniego)

    Designed by the architect Iñaki Aspiazu Iza.
    Baigorry winery open its door to all the people whose apreciate the well-done work and whose are ready to enjoy unforgetables moments.

    Visites: From Tuesday to Saturday.
    Telephone: 945 609 420
    Price: 7 € (2 wine tasting)

  • El Fabulista

    El Fabulista (Laguardia)

    Is situated under the house where the fable writer Samaniego was born in the
    mansion of the same name in Laguardia.
    At a depth of seven metres there are three parallel and interconnected vaults: one is used for processing, another for ageing and the third one is used for wine tasting.

    Visites :From Monday to Sunday
    Website :
    Telephone: 945 62 11 92
    Price: 6 € (2 wine tasting included)

  • Heredad Ugarte

    Heredad de Ugarte (Paganos)

    This winery is located over 20 meters below the ground and consists of a complex network of caves, some of them with a lenght of more than 2 kilometers.

    Visites : From Monday to Sunday
    Website :
    Telephone : 945 28 28 44
    Price: 7 € (3 wine tasting and tapa included)

  • Campillo

    Campillo (Laguardia)

    This is the first Rioja winery wich was planified to construct with an architectonic project, something quite common nowadays, when wine and architecture have a very close relationship

    Visites: from Monday to Sunday
    Website :
    Telephone : 945 60 08 26
    Price: 6 € (2 wine tasting included)

  • Carlos San Pedro Pérez de Viñaspre

    Carlos San Pedro Perez de Viñaspre (Laguardia)

    It is one of the few old wineries that still process the wine in the town centre, in a building constructed more than 200 years ago and located 8 meters below the street level.

    Visites : From Monday to Sunday
    Telephone: 945 600 146 / 605 033 043
    Price: 3,50 € (2 wine tasting included)

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