Places of interest

In Laguardia

  • The church of Santa María de los Reyes, with an eclectic style, a renassaince facade and a XIV century Gothic Gate, the only one in Spain due to the great conditions of the polichromy in the facade. A piece made by Juan Bascardo.

  • The Abacial Tower, a building with a militar origin from XIII Century. It was connected by a passage with the temple until the last century.
    To the north was located the castle founded by Sancho Abarca, building wich was the origin of Laguardia/Biasteri.

  • The Little Dancers of the clock in the Mayor Square. An arcaded square in the heart of the village. Stands out the building of the ancient town hall, with an Imperial Shield of Carlos V.
    The currently town hall, wich have in the facade the Shield of Laguardia, and a clock with automatons whose every day at 12:00, 14:00, 17:00 and 20:00 hours dance with the rythm of a tradicional song of the village.

  • The Prehistoric Village of La Hoya, from the XV century B.C. ; one of ths most important sites of the Basq Country.
    In the excavations is posible to observe the way of life of this civilization, more ancient than the Celtics.
    The Dolmen of “ The Sorceress’ Shack “ is one of the most important dolmens in the Basq Country, and probably the biggest and best conserved, this dolmen was discoverd in 1935.

  • During the eve of the party in honor of The August Virgin, a “witches sabbath” is celebrated around the dolmen.
    Is located near the road between Laguardia and Elvillar de Alava.

  • Marqués de Riscal : A very ancient winerie restaured in the last phase by the great architect Franck Gehry.
    Ysios : The architecture that enhances the wine, a master piece of Santiago Calatrava.
    Campillo : “The wine Sinagoge” , the first Rioja winerie constructed with a more information

En Najera y su Zona

  • The Monasteries Tour :
    Sta. María la Real church ( Kings thombs ) , Suso and Yuso Monasteries ( the culture made art, the bithplace of spanish language )
    Valvanera Monastery ( idylic mountainous place to reflect ) and Santo Domingo de la Calzada’s church ( the church of the miracle, where the chicken sang after has been roasted )

  • Logroño : a perfect city for shopping, recenty elected as “ The best city for live “ in Spain.
    The Gothic Church of San Bartolomé ( XIII Centuty ) , Santiago’s church, Palacio’s church and the Santa María de la Redonda Cathedral , with twin barrocs towers.
    In the middle of the Oldtown you will find the Laurel Street, famous gastronomy place where “tapas” and Rioja wine have been perfectly combinated to create a net of more than 50 bars, each one with its own genuine “tapa” and wine selection.

More information and reserves : Castillo El Collado reception : 945 62 12 00

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